Free School Meals

We believe it is important for every young person to be able to access healthy meals while at school and, as such, we provide free meals for all students at LPW School. We offer a range of breakfast foods before lessons start, snacks at break time and a cooked meal at lunch time.


Our Healthy Lifestyles coordinator ensures the school promotes a healthy and balanced diet and that the meals served are nutritious and rich in variety.


We also treat lunch times as an opportunity for our students to develop lasting life skills and actively encourage their involvement in the preparation of meals for the school’s students and staff. On most days two students will work with a member of staff to cook a meal for the whole school to enjoy.


During school holidays we are sometimes able to arrange for food parcels to be delivered to families as an additional support tool. This is decided on a case-by-case basis and you should speak to your child’s key worker if it is something you would like to request.