August 2021

The summer GCSE results were the culmination of up to two years of hard work by staff and students alike and reflect the diversity of our curriculum offer. For the first time we were able to offer students up to four GCSE subjects and again achieved a 100% pass rate in each of these. One member of our cohort achieved the highest GCSE results in the school’s history, securing four grade 4 awards in addition to further vocational qualifications!


93.5% of our students achieved qualifications in both English and Maths, with only two students failing to secure these qualifications. In both cases there were long histories of school non-attendance and each had highly bespoke curriculum offers in place as well as a range of professionals in place to support them, however, they consistently refused to take part in any examinations.


The average number of qualifications achieved by LPW students was 4.5, a figure deserving of being seen in the context of a number of our students only being with us for only four months and therefore not able to access our full suite of qualifications.