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All students at LPW School are expected to wear uniform. We strongly believe this is an important aspect of our school’s identity and helps to create a sense of belonging within our community. 


Our uniform is simple and accessible to all students. We ask that they wear a school t-shirt and/or hoodie at all times during the school day. Students may wear jeans (with no rips), school trousers or a skirt (knee length) and trainers, shoes or boots that are appropriate for a range of activities. 


When students enrol at LPW we provide them with a school hoodie and two t-shirts free of charge. If parents/carers wish to purchase additional items of uniform they are able to do so directly from the school at a reduced cost: 

  • Hoodie: £12 

  • T-shirt: £6 


Failure to wear the correct uniform will result in students being asked to change into spare uniform that we keep on site. If students refuse to do so then they may be asked to return home to change before being allowed into school. 

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